Media: head of separatist LPR Plotnisky left for Russia

The motorcade, in which the leader of the LPR (Luhansk People’s Republic), Igor Plotnitsky, the head of his administration, Irina Teytsman, the head of the State Television and Radio Company of the LPR, Anastasia Shurkaeva, and a number of others were traveling, left the Luhansk for Russia on Thursday, Novaya Gazeta reported.

Earlier, the Interior Minister of the LPR, Igor Kornet, who was dismissed from office by Plotnitsky, refused to leave his post and published a video message in which he said that some high-ranking officials of the LPR, including Teytsman and Shurkaeva, are agents of the Ukrainian special services.

On Tuesday evening, a convoy of dozens of military vehicles from Donetsk entered Luhansk. Subsequently, the MGB of the DPR announced that it was conducting a joint special operation together with the LPR against "Ukrainian saboteurs." Plotnitsky’s associates were detained.

On Thursday, Kornet said that his actions saved the LPR from returning to Ukraine.

  Igor Plotnitsky, LPR, Donbas, Russia, Ukraine


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