Macron calls on Putin to put pressure on Damascus

During a telephone conversation between French President Emmanuel Macron and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Macron urged Putin to use “all his influence” on Syrian authorities to end armed conflict, according to a report from the Elysee Palace on April 6.

Macron noted that only a ceasefire will be able to protect the civilian population, resume the negotiation process and prevent the strengthening of the “Islamic State.” The AFP news agency reports that Macron previously appealed to Putin to influence Bashar al-Assad in February and March.

“The Republic’s President recalled that, following the adoption of Resolution 2401 by the [United Nations] Security Council, France clearly expressed its concern for the situation in the Afrin area and demanded unhindered access for humanitarian assistance to the civilian population,” the statement of the Elysee Palace reads. “He assured ‘the Syrian Democratic Forces’ of France’s support.”

As reported by the Presidential administration, Macron “spoke out in favor of establishing a dialogue between ‘the Syrian Democratic Forces’ and Turkey, with the assistance of France and the international community.”

  Macron, Putin, Bashar al-Assad, Syrian Democratic Forces