Belarus President Lukashenko speaks about ‘hard' negotiations with Putin in Sochi

The negotiations of Russia’s and Belarus leaders on September 21 in Sochi were "hard" but effective, said Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko at the meeting with the government, reports BelTA.

Lukashenko's meeting with the government in Minsk was devoted to the results of his talks with Putin in Sochi. "The main part of the talks was one-on-one with the [Russian] president. Negotiations lasted six hours, even more. Frankly, it was not only hard but difficult negotiations, but they were effective, "said Lukashenko.

According to him, the topic of the conversation between the heads of state involved Moscow and Minsk cooperation in the framework of international organizations, number of economic issues and relevant problems of the relations between the two countries. "The specific issues such as the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization), first of all, the CSTO leadership and the development of this organization. We paid a lot of attention to the painful issues within the CIS, which concern our two states. First of all, Ukraine. The dialogue was very positive, "said the president of Belarus.

The meeting of Lukashenko and Putin raised another issue of the border regime problem between the two countries. "We discussed the issue of solving the problem of Belarusian-Russian border crossing with the help of third-country nationals ... We have to work in this direction, and there is an understanding of this. This is in the interests of Russia and Belarus, “said Lukashenko.

 Previously, after the meeting with Vladimir Putin in August, Lukashenko said that in private conversations with the Russian president they discuss even purely personal issues. Lukashenko explained that this is because of "Soviet past" and "Slavic nature". "Because of our close relations, we are speaking absolutely openly. Even about the personal issues. It would seem that this is very personal; in general, even the press secretaries are afraid to mention it," he said.

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