Leader of German Free Democratic Party suggested ‘freezing the discussion on the annexation of Crimea’

In an interview with Deutsche Welle on August 23, the leader of the liberal Free Democratic Party of Germany (FDP), Christian Lindner proposed to "freeze" the issue of the annexation of the Crimea by Russia, but not to legitimize the occupation of the peninsula.  

"The annexation of the Crimea is a violation of international law. We do not recognize it. The sanctions remain in effect,” he emphasized. The leader of the German Liberals also proposed a return to the "traditional German policy of détente.”
"Still, it is necessary to check whether the spiral of the conflict escalation and of the armaments build-up can be stopped, and whether Russia is ready to change its current policy,” he explained. This would, in his opinion, allow Berlin to offer Moscow negotiations on any other issues.

"If Russia does not want to break the impasse, then the existing sanctions should be tightened. If Russia meets us halfway, the sanctions may be eased gradually. Perhaps one day the situation will be good enough to start talks about the Crimea," Lindner concluded.

  Christian Lindner, Germany, Crimea, Russia, Ukraine