Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoisky promises to return to Ukraine if Zelensky wins elections

In an interview with journalists from the program “Schemes: Corruption in detail”, exiled Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky promised to return to Ukraine if Volodymyr Zelensky wins the second round of Ukraine’s presidential elections.

When asked whether he would return if the actor Zelensky is elected president, Kolomoisky responded: “Well of course. I was already intending to return, but now there are all kinds of situations… I had plans to return to Ukraine between the first and second round, even before the first round. But because there is such a sharp political struggle, and to avoid causing a commotion, I decided to sit it out here, in order to avoid unnerving anyone in Ukraine.”

Ihor Kolomoisky has been living in Herzliya, Israel, since 2018. When the Schemes crew asked him why he had made the move there from Switzerland, he responded that it was “for family reasons” and to see “what the lawyers will say about the recent information that has appeared in the press”.

When asked to clarify whether he was referring to the investigation currently being carried out by the FBI, he responded: “My lawyers advised me to stay here until the situation becomes clear.”

The American news outlet The Daily Beast published an article claiming that the Ukrainian billionaire Ihor Kolomoisky is being investigated by the FBI. The investigation is in connection with possible economic crimes, including money laundering, three independent sources told the news outlet. The article also cites Kolomoisky ’s attorney Michael Sullivan, who said that Kolomoisky is not being charged with any crimes whatsoever, and categorically denied that the Ukrainian businessman had laundered money in the US.

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