Germany allocates €760,000 to help victims of the conflict in Donbas

Germany has allocated €760,000 for the rehabilitation of victims of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, reports the German Embassy in Kyiv.

The diplomatic mission of the Embassy informed that the funds are "allocated to the Malteser International aid agency to continue its project "Contribution to the psychosocial stabilization of victims in the conflict in Ukraine."

Last year, Germany contributed €2 million to the aid agency to help immigrants and victims of the conflict in Ukraine.

Since 2018 within the Malteser service project, more than 7 thousand victims have been assisted through individual therapy and consultations, and another 14 thousand people participated in group therapy sessions.

Since July 2019, the Malteser International has been introducing a new support project in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions along the demarcation line in the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government. For this purpose, several psychosocial adaptation centers were opened in the area, and mobile support teams are operating in the conflict zone.

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