German Chancellor Olaf Scholz refuses to take Russian PCR test before meeting with Putin

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz refused to take the PCR test offered by the Russian side before a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, reports Deutsche Welle.

Scholz decided to do the PCR test necessary for admission to the Kremlin with a German doctor at the German Embassy in Moscow. The Chancellor's spokesperson reported that representatives of the Russian medical authorities were invited to attend Scholz's testing.

The PCR kit needed for the test was brought from Germany. Even before leaving Germany, in addition to Scholz, members of his delegation and accompanying journalists - a total of 50 people, took PCR tests.

A few days ago, French President Emmanuel Macron refused to take the Russian PCR test during his visit to Moscow. As a result, in order to maintain social distance, the presidents sat at the opposite ends of a six meters long table.

Scholz arrived in Moscow on the morning of February 15 for talks with Putin. The focus of the discussion will be the crisis around Ukraine.

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