France and Russia want to create coordination mechanism in Syria

France and Russia want to create a coordination mechanism between the leading powers in order to find a political solution to the problems in Syria,as stated on Thursday by French President Emmanuel Macron.

According to Macron, the idea is to coordinate the efforts of the Astana Process, which includes Russia, Turkey, Iran, and a “small group,” the creation of which was initiated by France, and which includes the United Kingdom, Germany, Jordan, the United States and Saudi Arabia.

“We need to talk about the situation after the war. The main goal is to create a stable Syria,” said Macron at a joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Makron noted that both leaders agreed that the focus should be on a new constitution and general elections, in which all Syrians, including refugees, will take part.

Previous international groups, which included both supporters and opponents of Bashar Assad, could not agree on a political solution that would end the seven-year civil war.

Makron said that he and the Russian president discussed France’s initiative to create an international mechanism of responsibility regarding the use of chemical weapons. Putin did not mention this initiative.

In April, France, together with the United States and Great Britain, conducted a missile strike on Syrian chemical facilities in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons by Assad’s forces a week earlier.

Military assistance from Russia and Iran over the past three years has allowed President Bashar Assad to prevent Syrian insurgents from overthrowing his regime.

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