First Ukrainian President Kravchuk: Donbas could return to Ukraine 'on its own'

The Donbas could return to Ukraine’s control on its own if the country’s government demonstrates persistence, said Ukraine’s first ever president, Leonid Kravchuk.

“He (Russian President Vladimir Putin) has not yet taken the Donbas. I believe that the Donbas could come back to Ukraine on its own with the help of the global community, with the help of our active, persistent, goal-oriented, systematic day-to-day work,” Kravchuk told the TV channel Pryamiy in an interview.

He believes that a different strategy must be adopted regarding annexed Crimea. “Today, Crimea is already in a system of Russian relations, the Russian Federation. And so it will be another return scheme. When it will start working, I can’t say. But at present I do believe that it will work,” Kravchuk stressed.

  Kravchuk, Donbas, Ukraine