Daughter of Putin’s university teacher suggests that Latvia should impose sanctions on her father

Former top manager of PhosAgro, Igor Sychev, and the daughter of the rector of the St. Petersburg National Mineral Resources University, Vladimir Litvinenko and former Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, Olga Litvinenko, gave a speech to the Latvian Parliament (Saeima), as she indicated by Dozhd (Rain) TV.

Sychev and Litvinenko addressed the deputies of the Saeima and representatives of the Support for Russian Civil Society group. They discussed the methods that the Russian government uses against "people who disagree.”

Litvinenko proposed an initiative to revise the process by which Russian judicial decisions are adopted by EU countries. She also suggested her father be included on the sanctions list.

"We discussed my father's crimes in the sphere of corruption. I relayed how my father acquired land and built his elite residential complex and what corruption methods he used. This all, of course, shocked people and confirmed the opinion that there was no the proper legislation or independent courts in Russia," said Litvinenko.

The head of the group, Support for Russian Civil Society, Juris Vilums told BaltNews.lv that they didn’t receive any radically new information and had already heard similar stories from other sources. At the same time, he underlined that the meeting was supposed to acquaint its participants with the opinions of people who were forced to leave Russia.

Earlier Sychev informed Dozhd TV that he intends to address the Latvian parliament in order to talk about the violations of freedom of speech in Russia and to announce his nomination for the Russian presidency.

In April 2016, the Russian Federal Investigative Committee arrested Sychev in absentia for extortion and added him to the federal wanted list. According to the investigation, the former top manager of PhosAgro extorted $60 million from the former head of the holding, Igor Antoshin.

Since 2007, Litvinenko had been a member of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg from the “A Just Russia” party. In 2011, she left the country, and her father appealed to the Russian Investigative Committee stating Olga had been kidnapped. Vladimir Litvinenko headed Putin’s re-election headquarters twice in the past. At the St. Petersburg National Mineral Resources University, the President defended his thesis.

It was reported in July that Putin’s teacher, Litvinenko, became a dollar billionaire. According to media reports, the rector of the St. Petersburg National Mineral Resources University received his first shares for supporting the Yukos (Oil Company) case.

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