Crimean authorities report shortage of cement on the peninsula

The Kremlin-controlled Minister of Construction and Architecture of the Crimea, Sergei Kononov, stated that there is a shortage of cement in the construction warehouses of the peninsula because of the queues at the Kerch ferry crossing, as reported by Kryminform news agency.

"Unfortunately, there was a queue for ferries coming from Kerch, of which there were more than 200 railway cars carrying cement. Novorossiysk cement, which as a rule, is transported from there, was not able enter the peninsula. We solved this problem. They accumulated because of weather conditions and subjective reasons," Kononov said. According to him, the problem of cement shortage on the peninsula will be resolved in the coming days.

"Only yesterday [at the Kerch ferry crossing] 93 cars were let through, the day before yesterday 60 more passed through. Cars are still arriving, so according to data from yesterday morning about 160-170 cars were on the ferry. Presently we are eliminating the accumulated need. I think that in the near future the issue will be solved," Kononov added.

On June 22nd, the head of the Kremlin-controlled Crimean parliament, Vladimir Konstantinov, said that there is a shortage of construction materials on the peninsula, which are necessary for the building of new housing.

Since September 2015, when the campaign on the blockade of the Crimea began and food and other goods ceased to be supplied to the peninsula from mainland Ukraine, an acute shortage of construction materials began. This was recognized the Russian authorities of the peninsula and they announced the transporting of supplies from the Krasnodar Krai by ferry.

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