Baltic countries to send Stinger and Javelin systems to Ukraine

In order to support Ukraine’s sovereignty and counter possible Russian aggression, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, along with diplomatic support, will provide Ukraine with military assistance, said Lithuanian Defense Ministry.

As part of this assistance, Lithuania and Latvia will send Stinger anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine, and Estonia will send Javelin portable anti-tank missile systems.

“Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia speak together in support of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of continuing Russian aggression. The Baltic states will continue to support Ukraine not only through diplomatic and political means, but also by strengthening Ukraine's defense capabilities.

In the face of growing Russian military pressure in and around Ukraine, the Baltic states have decided to respond to Ukraine's needs and provide additional defense-related support. The transferred weapons will further strengthen Ukraine's ability to defend its territory and population in the event of possible Russian aggression.

Lithuania and Latvia will provide Ukraine with Stinger anti-aircraft systems and Estonia with Javelin anti-tank systems. This assistance will strengthen Ukraine's military defense capabilities. The support is provided after the transfer of equipment manufactured in the United States to a third country has been approved by the US Government,“ said the Lithuanian Defense Ministry in a statement .

"We sincerely hope that Ukraine will not have to use these weapons. The Baltic States call on Russia to stop its aggressive and irresponsible behavior," said Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anusauskas.

It was reported earlier that Washington gave the Baltic countries permission to deliver American made weapons to Ukraine.

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