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  • State Border Guard Service of Ukraine: Russia has intensified aerial reconnaissance at the administrative border with the Crimea

    The Spokesman for the Ukrainian Border Guard Service, Oleg Slobodyan, stated at a press conference in Kyiv, that Russia has recently intensified aerial intelligence at the administrative border with the annexed Crimea. Slobodyan noted that Russian troops used a Rys (Lynx) aerostat craft on the 28th of February and the 1st of March.

    Ukrainian border guard officers have recorded four monitoring flights carried out by Mi 8 helicopters and the active movement of coast guard motorboats in the Black …

  • Estonia conducts military exercises with participation of the U.S soldiers

    The Talvelaager (Winter Camp) winter exercises started on the 27th of February at the central testing ground of the Estonian Defense Forces, as reported by citing the Ministry of Defense of Estonia. Military exercises will last until the 5th of March.

    The international military contingent will practice attack and defense maneuvers in winter conditions during these exercises. The personnel of the 1st and 2nd Infantry Brigades of the Estonian Defense Forces, militias from the Estonian …

  • Joint Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade to take part in Common Challenge 16 military exercises

    The Command of the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade and staff officers assigned to these battalions arrived at the Demba combined range of the Polish Armed Forces to participate in the certified command-staff drills - Common Challenge – 16, which began on the 11th of December and will last five days, according to the Government website.

    Eighteen Ukrainian officers from the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade under the leadership of the Deputy Commander of the Brigade, Colonel Vladimir …

  • Russia calls up 500 reservists to participate in military exercises in Crimea

    On the 29th of August, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported on the formation of territorial defense divisions in the Crimea.

    “More than 500 citizens, who are in the reserve force, were selected by the military commissariat of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea and Sevastopol. They will take part in military training in accordance with the registration specialty in the marine and coastal divisions of the Black Sea Fleet,” the report said.

    The Russian Ministry of Defense added that “ …

  • NATO Saber Knight exercise begins in Estonia

    As reported by ERR, the press-service of the First Infantry Brigade declared that on Monday, May 30th, the Saber Knight international military exercises began in Tapa. More than 600 military personnel are participating.

    Staff exercises will continue until the 9th of June. Their main task is to practice planning and conducting military operations in the Baltic states. These exercises will involve readiness to repel an attack from a simulated state called "Botnia,” the statement said.

    Military …

  • NATO 'Saber Strike 2016' exercise begins in the Baltic states

    The large-scale NATO exercise Saber Strike 2016 have begun in the Baltic states, which are aimed at improving interaction between member states in a wide range on military operations.

    10,000 soldiers from 13 member states and partner countries are participating in the exercise.

    As stated on the US Army-Europe’s website, “Saber Strike 16 features allied and partner-nation ground forces conducting live-fire, command post, and cyber/electronic warfare training, plus the integration of U.S. close- …

  • Large-scale NATO exercises to be held in the Baltics

    The Baltic countries will host the large-scale NATO exercise Saber Strike 2016 in June, Evropeyskaya Pravda reported. 10,000 soldiers from 13 member states and partner countries will participate in the exercise.

    “The exercises are aimed at improving interaction between member countries in the conduct of a wide range of military operations,” the Estonian Ministry of Defense stated, as cited by Postimees.

    As stated on the US Army-Europe’s website, “Saber Strike 16 features allied and partner- …

  • US fighters to take part in joint Finnish-Swedish aviation exercises

    On Monday, US Air Force fighters began to take part in Finnish Air Force aviation exercises. These Cross Border Training exercises will last until the 20th of May.

    According to the Finnish TV and radio company, Yle, eight US fighters from Oregon arrived at the Rissala airbase on Friday. US Air Force planes had previously participated in aircraft exercises in Finland’s airspace. This will however be the first time that US fighters will depart from the Finnish airport.

    The participation of the …

  • Dozens of Russian aircraft arrive in Crimea for military exercises

    Carrier-based aircraft from Russia’s Northern Fleet will hold exercises at the aviation training complex NITKA in the Crimea, Krym.Realii reported, with reference to the press service of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

    “About ten decked Su-33s and Su-25UTGs arrived in Crimea. Also, the An-12, An-26, and An-72 naval aviation of the Northern Fleet delivered engineering and technical personnel and equipment for aircraft maintenance to the Peninsula,” the press service stated.

    Many experts have …

  • Russian troops carry out military exercises in the North Pole

    The Russian Army is conducting exercises in the Arctic, where the troopers were tasked with overcoming the challenges of the North Pole. Paratrooper units from Novorossiysk and Ivanovo began the long hike to the North Pole, the Press Service of the Defense Ministry informs.

    "Marines overcame the snow dunes of the North Pole, traveling on snowshoes and skis. The Russian Airborne Troops (VDV) hauled the materials necessary for conducting the mission and providing assistance on kayaks," the …