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  • UN General Assembly to consider a resolution on the situation in the Crimea and the Sea of Azov

    The militarization of the annexed Crimea, as well as part of the Black and Azov seas will be discussed at the UN level. On December 17, the UN General Assembly will vote on the draft resolution, stated Oleh Nikolenko, the official representative of the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the UN, in an exclusive interview with

    “On December 17, the UN General Assembly will vote on the draft resolution “The problem of the militarization of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol ( …

  • Ukraine refuses to sign UN Migration Pact

    The press service of Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that Ukraine refused to sign the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM).

    The decision was made because of the annexation of the Crimea by Russia and the fighting in the Donbas, as a result of which there are 1.5 million internally displaced persons in Ukraine.

    "The Ukrainian side is making every effort to ensure the rights and meet the needs of internally displaced persons, but there is still a lot of …

  • Ukraine prepares UN draft resolution on Russia’s militarization of the Azov and Black Seas

    Ukraine’s Foreign Affairs Ministry announced that Ukraine is working on a draft resolution on Russia’s militarization of the Black Sea and Azov Sea, UNIAN reports. According to the Foreign Ministry, the UN General Assembly is expected to consider it in December.

    “This issue won’t be considered in the committee but is expected to be reviewed within the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly in December,” said Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Kateryna Zelenko.

    In December, the UN General …

  • Ukraine’s Representative to UN: Russia is preparing to deploy nuclear weapons in Crimea

    The permanent representative of Ukraine to the UN, Volodymyr Yelchenko, stated that Russian Federation has doubled its military forces on the peninsula and continues preparation of the Crimean military infrastructure for deployment of nuclear weapons. According to him, the UN Security Council should meet to discuss the situation in the occupied Donbas, and the escalation in the Sea of Azov reports TSN.

    “For example, Crimea is often used as the headquarters and a supply base for military …

  • Ukrainian Permanent Representative to UN: Russia is attempting to deploy nuclear weapons in the Crimea

    The permanent representative of Ukraine to the UN, Volodymyr Yelchenko during a speech at the UN Security Council meeting stated that Russia doubled its military presence in the annexed Crimea, RBC-Ukraine reports.

    “Russia has more than doubled its forces on the Crimean peninsula and is attempting to deploy nuclear weapons on the peninsula,” stated Yelchenko.

    The ambassador added that since 2014, more than 100 thousand citizens of the Russian Federation moved to the territory of Crimea.

    “For …

  • US: Russia’s actions in Sea of Azov infringe on Ukraine’s sovereignty

    Russia’s aggressive actions in the Sea of Azov are a violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, said US Deputy Representative to the UN Jonathan Cohen at a UN Security Council session on Tuesday.

    “The aggressive actions in the Sea of Azov, where Russia is preventing access to Ukrainian ports, are a violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity, and undermine international law,” the American diplomat observed.

    According to Cohen, this interferes with both the process of …

  • Russia introduces draft UN resolution after US decision to withdraw from Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

    Russia introduced a draft resolution for consideration by the UN General Assembly after Washington’s decision to withdraw from the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty, Deutsche Welle reports.

    "The international community must react to this situation that can lead to apocalyptic consequences,” an unnamed Russian diplomat told the AFP agency. According to him, this draft resolution was already discussed in the UN Commission on disarmament and should help to save the treaty.  

    The source in …

  • Ukraine’s ambassador to UN: Russia’s militarization of Crimea is unprecedented

    The growth of Russia’s military presence in occupied Crimea and its use of the peninsula as base for military operations in Syria and other parts of the region will create far-reaching consequences for Southern Europe, North Africa, and the Near East.

    A statement to this effect was made by Ukraine’s permanent ambassador to the UN Volodymyr Yelchenko at a session on the militarization of annexed Crimea, Ukrinform reports.

    “The occupation and the subsequent militarization of Crimea has far- …

  • Ukrainian politician: it would take at least 10 months to deploy UN Peacekeepers to Donbas

    If the UN General Assembly adopts such a resolution, UN peacekeepers will arrive in the Donbas no earlier than 10 months after the decision is made, said Yevhen Marchuk, Ukraine’s representative to the security subgroup of the Trilateral Contact Group in Minsk, 112 Ukraine reports.

    “Even if at this session a decision was made to send [them], according to my experience, the peacekeepers could de facto arrive in Ukraine after 10 months, perhaps a bit later,” Marchuk observed.

    According to him, …

  • Ukrainian President Poroshenko confident UN will recognize Russia as ‘occupier state’

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko expressed his full confidence that the UN General Assembly would adopt a resolution on the Crimea in which Russia would be recognized as an “occupying state.”

    “The UN resolution on the Crimea will be adopted for sure. In this document, Russia will be called a state that occupies Ukrainian territory,” said the President at the international economic forum “Innovations. Investments. Kharkiv Initiatives!”

    Poroshenko also said that some countries assured him …