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  • EU puts governor of Sevastopol on sanctions list

    The European Union added the "Governor" of Sevastopol, Dmitry Ovsyannikov to the sanctions list established by Resolution 269/2014 regarding "actions that undermine or threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine." This was reported in the journal of the European Union.

    "Ovsyannikov was elected the Governor of Sevastopol after elections held on September 10, 2017, organized by Russia in illegally-annexed Sevastopol,” the journal explained as the reason for …

  • Russian Defense Ministry: 1500 school students joint ‘Youth Army’ movement in Crimea

    The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that roughly 1 500 school students from Sevastopol have “joined the ranks” of the Russian military and patriotic social movement “Yunarmia” (Youth Army), reported   the press service of Russia’s Southern Military District.

    “At present, the Youth Army movement in Sevastopol has been joined by 55 general secondary education institutions, children’s social and sport organizations,” the report states.

    The report notes that the Sevastopol school students …

  • Russian Ministry of Defense organizes a missile and artillery armament conference in Crimea

    The second All-Russian scientific and practical conference devoted to "topical problems of the development and operation of missile and artillery weapons, special weapons and naval equipment" will be held in annexed Sevastopol from September 27 to 29 at the Nakhimov Black Sea High Navy School, as announced  by the press service of the Russian Southern Military District on September 23.

    "The purpose of the conference is to exchange scientific and practical experience and to define the main …

  • EU did not recognize local elections in the Crimea

    The European Union confirmed its refusal to recognize the results of the September 10 elections organized by Russia in annexed Sevastopol. A representative of the External Diplomatic Service of the EU issued a statement to that effect in Brussels on Monday, September 11.

    “The European Union does not recognize illegal annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol by the Russian Federation and, therefore, does not recognize the elections in the Crimean Peninsula. Anyone who is elected in the Crimean …

  • Local elections completed in Crimea with very little turn around

    The Russian electoral committee of annexed Crimea announced on the evening of September 10 that the voting on additional elections in the settlements of the peninsula was completed.

    The official website of the department reported that all polling stations completed their work by 8:00 p.m. These were additional elections of deputies of the first convocation of the Crimean parliament controlled by the Kremlin and deputies of local authorities.

    The chairman of the election committee, Mikhail …

  • A resident of Crimea, owner of the Russian Medal for the Return of the Crimea, was deprived of a plot of land issued to him by Ukraine

    The Balaklava District Court of Sevastopol decided to confiscate 2,000 square meters of land from local resident, Lenur Usmanov, who actively supported the annexation of the Crimea and even received a medal "For the Return of the Crimea" from the Russian Defense Ministry.

    He told Novaya Gazeta newspaper that in 2010, both he and his wife had received two 1,000 square meter lots in the Druzhba-9 co-operative. But the current Kremlin-controlled administration of Sevastopol decided that the …

  • Putin explained why increasing financial assistance to Sevastopol is not yet reasonable

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Sevastopol could receive budgeted funds two to three times larger than in the past. However, according to him, this cannot happen, because the city is not able to cope with such a large amount of money properly.

    "Sevastopol is not ready to accept such a large amount of money," Putin explained on Wednesday at a meeting with teachers. The inability to master all the money received can lead to theft of funds, Putin added.

    At the same time, he …

  • Residents of the annexed Crimea held protests against land expropriation by the Russian government

    On May 27 there was a mass protest in annexed Sevastopol against the draft of the general city plan, Krym.Realii reports. Nearly a thousand people took part in the rally at Svoboda Square.

    Protesters held banners with inscriptions: “We will defend the right to land,” “The general plan is not genial,” “Stop the judicial arbitrariness for land”, “Putin, protect the land of the people of Sevastopol”.

    At the podium, the protest organizers placed posters with a quote from Russian President …

  • Russian landing ship arrived in Sevastopol as part of troop reduction in Syria

    A large landing ship of the Baltic Fleet, Korolev, arrived at Sevastopol as part of the operation to reduce the Russian military contingent in Syria; the ship will be unloaded and repaired, according to a source in Russian military, RIA Novosti reported.

    Earlier, it was reported that according to the decision of the Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Shoygu, the Russian military contingent in Syria will be reduced. Following the Minister’s decision, the ships, which are a part of the grouping in …

  • Ten Thousand Left without Water in Crimea

    On Saturday, January 2nd, the center of Sevastopol and some other areas of the city experienced a blackout because of a power grid accident. Electricity was then supplied only on certain hours following a predetermined schedule. After the accident some of the residents started having problems with the water supply too.

    A 600 mm high pressure pipe suddenly ruptured, cutting off the centralized water supply to about 10,000 people in the suburbs of Sevastopol, namely Inkerman City, GRES and Gorny …