Media: Putin might vote in Crimea during the presidential elections

Russian President Vladimir Putin might vote in Sevastopol for the March 18th Presidential elections, the newspaper Kommersant writes.

According to the newspaper’s source, the region was chosen based on anticipated low turnout for the Russian Presidential election. During the previous federal elections, Vladimir Putin always voted in Moscow.

"However, after the change in the legislation in 2017, it became easier to vote at the place of residence rather than registration. The expert said that Vladimir Putin's visit will "increase expectations in Sevastopol itself, where there has been a shortage of administrative successes since 2014," Kommersant notes.

According to the source, scenarios are being considered where Vladimir Putin will vote either in the region where one of the acting governors will have to be elected, or in a region where there may be a low voter turnout.

At the same time, another source asserts that "to go to the Crimea and Sevastopol before the elections is the right idea, but it is unlikely that Vladimir Putin will not be in the capital on March 18th."

Elections in Russia will be held on March 18th, the day of the official accession of the Crimea and Sevastopol to the Russian Federation. Elections for the Russian president will be held for the first time on the peninsula.

On February 6th, Putin was registered as a candidate for President of Russia.

The internationally recognized Ukrainian territory of Crimea was annexed by the Russian Federation in March of 2014 in the wake of the Ukrainian revolution. The Kremlin has faced international condemnation for its annexation of the Peninsula, leading many western countries to impose economic sanctions against Russia. In the United Nations, only Afghanistan, North Korea, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Syria recognize Crimea as a legitimate federal subject of Russia.

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