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  • Russia will compete for contract to supply Argentina with MiG-29 fighter jets

    Russia sent Argentina the necessary materials to participate in a tender for the supply of fighter jets with its MiG-29, reports to TASS, citing Anatoly Punchuk, Deputy Director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation and head of the official Russian delegation at the ExpoDefensa-2017 exhibition, which will take place from December 4 to 6 in Bogota, Colombia.

    “Regarding the issue of the acquisition of Russian MiG-29s by Argentina, I note that the choice of technology is …

  • Military pilots in Bulgaria refuse to fly Russian MiG-29 fighters

    Some military pilots in Bulgaria are refusing to fly Russian MiG-29 fighters during training flights, citing security issues of the obsolete airplanes, stated Atanas Zapryanov, the Deputy Minister of Defense of Bulgaria, Radio Liberty reports.

    “Minister of Defense Krasimir Karakachanov accused the pilots who refused to fly the Russian aircraft of carrying out a politically motivated campaign. He insists that Bulgaria will restore all of its MiG-29s and about 20 Russian Su-25 bombers,” the …

  • Two MiG-29 fighter jets gifted by Russia arrive in Serbia

    Two of the six MiG29 fighters given by Moscow to Belgrade arrived in Serbia on Monday, the Serbian Defense Ministry announced.

    “The first two MiG-29 planes have been transferred to the Serbian Armed Forces. The landing of the An-124 [cargo plane] and reception of the planes at the Batajnica Air Base was attended by Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin, Chief-of-Staff Ljubiša Diković, and anti-air defense Commander Ranko Živak,” the report states.

    Vulin told those assembled that, on July 4 …

  • Ukraine and Poland continue collaboration on upgrading Polish MiG-29s

    Ukraine and Poland are continuing their collaboration in the program to upgrade the aircraft weaponry of Poland’s MiG-29 aicraft, Interfax-Ukraine reported with reference to Ukraine’s state-run Spetstechnoexport.

    During the international defense exhibition MSPO-2017, which took place at the start of September in Kielce (Poland), the Ukrainian company signed an agreement with Polish WB Electronics to develop further the bilateral consortium formed in 2016, as well as a new contract to produce …

  • President of Serbia: We need Russian weapons

    Serbia needs Russian weapons to ensure its own security, President Alexander Vučić said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

    According to him, Belgrade is awaiting a visit soon from Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu and the “arrival of tanks and reconnaissance vehicles” from Russia. “This is of great importance to us, although some ignoramuses say, ‘Why do we need it?’” Vučić said.

    According to him, the supply of weapons from Russia will strengthen the defense capacity of Serbia and prevent …

  • Ukraine to supply missiles for Polish MiG-29 fighter aircraft

    The Ukrainian state owned enterprise SpetsTechnoExport will supply the MiG-29 fighter jets of  the Polish Armed Forces with the medium range air-to-air missiles Р-27Р1.

    The tender of the Polish army has been won by a consortium of Ukrainian SpetsTechnoExport and Polish WB Electronics. The information was published on the Facebook page of the Ukrainian Air Force.

     “In October last year, Polish military announced a tender for purchase of 40 air-to-air missiles with the range of 50-80 kilometers …