Slovakia pays Russia 30 million euro per year for maintenance of MiG-29 fighters

The Ministry of Defense of Slovakia pays Russia 20 million euro annually plus another 10 million for other service work according to the Contract Agreement on service of MiG-29 fighter jets, stated Danka Capáková, the spokeswoman for the Defense Ministry on Monday, May 7.

Her statement came after an announcement of Slovak Parliament speaker Andrej Danko who said last Sunday that Slovakia is negotiating further contracts with Russia regarding the MiG-29s.

The local media earlier reported that the Russian provide service maintenance of the aircraft for 50 million euro per year.

"Now, the payment is up to 20 million euro per year plus additional service work within the Contract Agreement. The Ministry of Defense pays… up to ten million euro per year,” said Capáková.

After the collapse of Czechoslovakia, Czech and Slovak air forces received 10 MiG-29 fighters. Between 1994 and 1996, Slovakia received another 14 Mig-29 fighters as a part of the settlement of the Russian debt.

According to the speaker of the Parliament, Slovak air forces can use the MiGs for several more years until new aircraft are purchased. Danko said that plans for the possible procurement or lease of advanced Swedish Saab JAS 39 Gripen multirole fighters (following the example of neighboring Czech Republic and Hungary) have been expanded thanks to the offer of the United States to sell F-16 fighter aircraft.

The Contract Agreement between Russia and Slovakia is in effect until 2019.

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