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  • Moscow is ready to engage the leaders of Israel and Palestine in direct negotiations

    The President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin assured him of Moscow’s readiness to hold direct negotiations with the leader of Palestinian National Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, and Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, according to a report on Al Watan’s online portal.

    “Russian President Vladimir Putin informed me that he is ready to meet with Mahmoud Abbas and Benjamin Netanyahu in Moscow to hold direct negotiations,” El-Sisi said. The …

  • Israel fired at Russian drone after it crossed over from Syrian airspace

    Deutsche Welle has reported that a Russian drone had violated Israel’s airspace on the 17th of July.

    According to media reports, on the 7th of August, Russia acknowledged the violation and explained that it had been caused by a “human factor”.  The media continued to report that the issue had already been telephonically discussed by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    The media also reported that the Russian drone returned to Syrian airspace after …

  • Media: Russian jets intercepted Israeli aircraft over Syrian airspace

    Over the past several weeks, Russian fighter jets intercepted Israeli military aircraft over Syrian airspace on at least two occasions, the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

    According to the newspaper, the issue of airspace violations was discussed during Israeli President Reuven Rivlin’s visit to Moscow in March.

    Meanwhile, at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that he intended to discuss the strengthening of …

  • Media: US vetoed supply of Israeli drones to Russia reported that the US Administration vetoed further sales of Israeli-produced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to Russia.

    According to knowledgeable sources, in the past month, Russian companies repeatedly contacted Israeli UAV producers, trying purchase more drones. However, after the Israeli Ministry of Defense verified the possible realization of such deals, it became clear that such agreements would be vetoed by America. Negotiations were suspended indefinitely.

    Earlier, …

  • Ukraine and Israeli company Orbit discuss upgrading Ukrainian military aircraft

    The work group for the Ukrainian Air Forces Command discussed the modernization of military aircraft and helicopters with representatives of the Israeli company, Orbit, according to the Ministry of Defense.

    As reported on Tuesday by the Press Service of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, at the meeting with the Ukrainian Air Forces Command, the representatives of Orbit spoke about the company's activities, their developments and also introduced a new communications system, Orion, which is now …

  • Israel imposes complete economic blockade on the Crimea

    Although Israel attempts to avoid inflaming tensions between Ukraine and Russia, Tel Aviv officials do not recommend doing business in occupied Crimea. Shimon Briman, Israeli Editor-in-Chief of the Forum Daily and expert on Ukrainian-Israeli relations says that what the recommendation amounts to is a complete blockade in terms of Israeli business, Interfax-Ukraine reported."In general, the position of Israel, though neutral officially, is largely focused on the development of Ukraine, in …

  • King Abdullah II: Israeli and Jordanian jets intercepted Russian aircraft in January

    King Abdullah II of Jordan stated that Israeli and Jordanian jets intercepted Russian aircraft as they were approaching the edge of Syrian airspace, as reported by the Middle East Eye.

    Abdullah II told the US Congress about the incident in January, but the information was not disclosed until last week.

    Following the incident, negotiations were held between Israel, Jordan, and Russia to avoid an escalation of tensions.

    The Jordanian King noted that he warned Russia that there would be …

  • Israeli deputy's visit to Crimea could lead to tightening of visa regime by Kiev

    Ukraine may tighten its visa regulations for Israeli citizens due to an uncoordinated visit to occupied Crimea by the current Knesset member from the Shas party, who is also Israel’s former Minister of Religious Affairs, Ya'akov Margi.  The visit occurred on the 10th of February with the head of the occupation authority of the peninsula, Sergey Aksenov.

    This was reported by the Ukrainian Ambassador to Israel, Gennady Nadolenko, in his comments to the Forum Daily news site, according to …

  • Kerzner: Ukraine will be one of the best places to invest

    The Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Jerusalem, the founder and owner of the City Capital Group, Ofer Kerzner, together with other representatives of the business circles of Israel met recently with the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko.  During the meeting they discussed the creation of the most favorable conditions for investments in the country’s economy.  Mr. Kerzner, who is an investment pioneer and has over 20 years of experience in Ukraine, shared details of his work. He told them how …

  • Ukrainian President to visit Israel

    As reported by the press service of the head of state, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko will pay a state visit to Israel on December 22-23.

    The agenda of the visit includes a meeting with President R.Rivlin, Prime Minister B.Netanyahu, Speaker of the Knesset Y.Edelstein and Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem.

    Mr.Poroshenko will deliver a speech to the Knesset (Parliament) of the State of Israel.

    A number of bilateral documents are due to be signed during the visit.