Israel says their troops will enter Syria only if Hezbollah poses a threat

Interfax reports that according to Israeli Ambassador to Russia Gary Koren, Israeli troops will enter Syria only if there is a serious threat from the Iranian movement, Hezbollah.

"The Iranian regime has always been interested in supporting Syria and Hezbollah, using them as effective proxies, which poses a threat to Israel and its role as a deterrent," Koren said. He added that the threat posed by Hezbollah's actions in Syria is not an abstract one.

Israel will immediately respond if the situation on the Golan Heights in Syria deteriorates, Koren said. According to him, the said territories are prone to "deliberate or unintentional shelling" of Israeli territory from “certain types of weapons”.

Earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that his country is "resolutely against strengthening the positions of Iran and its proxies in Syria."

  Israel, Syria