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  • Greece agrees to extradite to US Russian citizen suspected of money laundering

    The court in Greece has approved the request for extradition to the US of Russian citizen Alexander Vinnik. Vinnik was detained on suspicion of laundering $4 billion through bitcoins, as reported by Interfax with reference to Vinnik’s lawyer, Ilias Spirliadis. "The court decided to grant the US request for Vinnick's extradition but we will appeal to the Supreme Court of Athens, so the decision made today is not final," Spirliadis said.

    Greek authorities detained Vinnik jointly with US …

  • Media: Four EU countries will send complaint to OSCE about Ukrainian Law on Education

    The foreign ministers of Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece and Romania signed a letter to the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs, where they expressed concern over the new law on education adopted by the Verkhovna Rada, reported Bulgarian news agency BGNES, citing the Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zakharieva.

    “We are certainly concerned, and it is not a coincidence that there is a joint initiative with colleagues from European countries that can be affected by this law. And today, the …

  • Medvedev: Russia is negotiating with Greece and Bulgaria an entry point for the second branch of the Turkish Stream pipeline

    Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev stated that Russia is in talks with Greece and Bulgaria regarding an entry point to Turkey for the “Turkish Stream”, reports RIA Novosti.

    "We, within the framework of negotiations that are being conducted with a number of European countries, are determining where it is better to establish an entry point to Europe. There are different proposals. Negotiations are being conducted with a number of European countries, these are both Greece and Bulgaria. Well, and …

  • Obama will request that Greece close its ports to Russian ships

    US President Barack Obama will visit Athens on the 15th and the 16th of November. It is presumed that while there, he will request that Greek authorities prohibit the Russian Navy from entering their ports. This was reported by Greek news portal, which is dedicated to military issues and politics.

    It is known that the Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, would like to ease sanctions against Russia, and even cancel them.

    The article states that Obama and Tsipras will discuss …

  • Greek PM: Sanctions against Russia are unproductive

    At a joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsirpas said Western sanctions against Russia were unproductive.

    "We have repeatedly said that the vicious circle of militarization, of Cold War rhetoric and of sanctions is not productive. The solution is dialogue,” Tsirpas said.

    At the same time Putin noted that during his meeting with Tsirpas, the annexation of the Crimea will not be discussed because “the matter is closed forever.”

    “Russia will …

  • Ukraine's Foreign Ministry expresses dissatisfaction with Greek businessman's visit to Crimea

    The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is displeased with the arrival of Greek businessmen on the occupied region of Crimea on March 30th. This was reported by the press-service of the Ministry.The Ministry noted that this visit was not coordinated with the Ukrainian side and happened in violation of the Ukrainian legislation."We consider such a trip of the Greek citizens as a sign of disrespect for the sovereignty of Ukraine, a conscious disregard of the Ukrainian laws and policies of the …