Medvedev: Russia is negotiating with Greece and Bulgaria an entry point for the second branch of the Turkish Stream pipeline

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev stated that Russia is in talks with Greece and Bulgaria regarding an entry point to Turkey for the “Turkish Stream”, reports RIA Novosti.

"We, within the framework of negotiations that are being conducted with a number of European countries, are determining where it is better to establish an entry point to Europe. There are different proposals. Negotiations are being conducted with a number of European countries, these are both Greece and Bulgaria. Well, and accordingly, the development could be somewhat different. First of all, economic factors should be analyzed prior to making decisions on this topic, because the gas pipeline, as we have said on many occasions, is not a political project, it is a purely economic project, and so, accordingly, it will involve the capabilities of other European countries," said Medvedev.

At the same time, the government head noted that the implementation of plans for construction on the territory of the EU depends on the decisions of European countries. "We do not want to impose on anyone. We proceed from the fact that this is an interesting mutually beneficial project, and that necessary decisions should be made on it," stressed the prime minister.

Medvedev also recalled that the underwater portion of the pipeline, which is about 1000 km long, is already starting to be laid down; after that, the work on the overland part of the “Turkish Stream”, which has a length of 200 km, will begin on Turkish territory.

The "Turkish Stream" is a new export gas pipeline running from Russia to Turkey via the Black Sea. The first line of the gas pipeline is designed to supply gas to Turkish consumers, while the second is designed to supply gas to the countries of South and South-Eastern Europe. The capacity of the first and second lines of the "Turkish Stream" will be 15.75 billion cubic meters each. Construction is scheduled for completion by the end of 2019.

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