Washington: Russia interfering with Syria chemical attack investigation

At a session on the highest level of the UN Security Council on the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, the US criticized Russia concerning the chemical attacks in Syria.

Only Russia is obstructing the UN’s work to investigate the chemical attacks, said US Permanent Representative to the UN Nikki Haley. She remarked that Russia has already used its veto right three times on the extension of the corresponding resolution.

“One nation stands in the way of the Security Council fulfilling its duty. That nation is Russia. It was Russia that vetoed three Council resolutions that would have renewed the Joint Investigative Mechanism,” Haley commented.

Washington believes that Russia is covering for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who is believed by the US to be responsible for the chemical attacks. Experts from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and the UN’s Joint Investigative Mechanism reached the conclusion that the chemical weapons in Syria were used either by the Syrian government or an ISIS group.

The US once again urged Russia to exert its influence on Assad to make him destroy his chemical weapon arsenal and begin cooperating with the OPCW and the UN.

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