Ukraine calls on Germany to ban MPs' visits to Crimea

Ukraine's Ambassador to Germany, Andriy Melnyk has called on the Federal Government of Germany to impose a ban on visits by German MPs to the Russia-annexed Crimea, as he posted on his Twitter page.

The said statement was made after another visit to Crimea by a member of the Alternative for Germany faction, Ulrich Oehme.

"Another German political adventurer, Ulrich Oehme, has illegally visited the Russia-annexed Crimea. We call on the Federal Government to finally ban such trips of German citizens and on the leadership of the AfD faction in Bundestag to stay away from such criminal actions that worsen the image of the party," he tweeted.

As earlier reported, on February 3, 2018, nine German MPs from the Alternative for Germany party arrived in the Russia-annexed Crimea. In particular, they represented three regional parliaments of the country.

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