Ukraine calls on foreign partners to expand sanctions against Russia in response to 'passport aggression in Donbas'

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Pavlo Klimkin, sent a letter to Ukraine’s foreign partners requesting that sanctions again the Russian Federation be expanded because of the distribution of Russian passports to residents of the Donbas. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Ekaterina Zelenko issued the statement during a briefing according to RBC-Ukraine.

“I brought the document. This is a letter from Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin to the heads of foreign policy ministries in the EU, NATO, the group of seven and other partner countries,” Zelenko said.

The spokeswoman noted that the document goes over Ukraine’s position regarding illegal passportisation in the occupied territories.

“The key point is that, with this letter, Ukraine is officially calling on its partners to expand sanctions used to oppose the Russian Federation’s aggression at an international level by including the passport case into the cause,” Zelenko said.

Thus, Ukraine is asking that economic and targeted sanctions be expanded against the Russian Federation.

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