Russian private military contractor who fought in eastern Ukraine killed in Syria

Russian Roman Solnyshkov, known as Solntse (The Sun), who previously fought in the Donbas, was killed in Syria, where he went as a military contractor hired by the Wagner private military company.

It is reported that previously Solnyshkov served in eastern Ukraine in separatist Sparta battalion under the command of Arsen Pavlov (aka Motorola).

Twitter user, Necro Mancer, confirmed the death of Roman Solnyshkov.

"Solnyshkov Roman Viktorovich, known as Solntse (The Sun), was killed in Syria in the fall of 2017 (not later than 15 of October 2017)," Necro Mancer writes.

Russian blogger el_murid (Anatoly Nesmiyan) also confirms the information about the death.

“Another mercenary from Wagner Private military company, Roman Solnyshkov, died in Syria. Date of birth August 20, 1985. Looks like he fought in the Donbas. Date of death, location and circumstances are still unknown,” writes Anatoly Nesmiyan.

Solnyshkov is listed in the database on the Myrotvorets website, the Ukrainian project, collecting the information on those who took part in the conflict in eastern Ukraine or provided support for separatists.

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