Russia conducts aviation exercises in Crimea to counter reconnaissance aircraft

The Russian Air Forces conducted a training exercise to destroy a foreign reconnaissance aircraft in the Crimea, which "violates the state border in the airspace over the Crimean Peninsula," reported the press-service of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

It also reported that the so-called "the Wall" tactic was practiced during the training.

"The joint command involved equipment of radio reconnaissance and air defense of more than 30 warships, six divisions of Coastal Missile Systems Bal and Bastion, as well as 35 aircraft of tactical aviation," the report said.

According to the Ministry, the training was conducted as part of the operational readiness testing of the aviation units in the Crimea.

Earlier, the crews of ships of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia conducted a training session to cover the team site from a massive missile airstrike of a conventional enemy in the direction of the Crimea.

Russia conducts regular military training exercises in Crimea after the annexation of Peninsula in 2014. General Staff of Ukraine calls actions of the Russian military in the Crimea illegal.

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