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  • Russia will transfer three submarines armed with Kalibr cruise missiles to the Black Sea

    In 2017, the Russian military will relocate three Varshavyanka -class submarines, armed with Kalibr cruise missiles, from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea, Interfax reports.

    "By the end of the year, we plan to complete the tests and transfer from the Baltic to the Black Sea Fleet three other submarines of the same type: the Krasnodar, the Kolpino and the Velikiy Novgorod," the Black Sea Fleet information department reported.

    According to the department, the first three Varshavyanka-class …

  • Russia strengthens its Black Sea Fleet with a squadron of Sukhoi-30SM aircraft

    The division of the naval aircraft of the Russian Black Sea Fleet has been reinforced with a squadron of SU-30SM fighter jets as well as modern unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) systems, as reported by RIA Novosti citing Black Sea Fleet Spokesperson Vyacheslav Trukhachev.

    "The rearmament of the Black Sea Fleet naval air fleet began in 2014. The integration of  an independent maritime Assault Aviation Regiment of the Black Sea Fleet, which is equipped with the latest multi-purpose the SU-30SM   …