Russia accuses the US of providing safe passage to Syrian Democratic Forces into Deir ez-Zor through ISIS positions in Syria

The United States Special Forces ensure the unimpeded movement of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) through the positions of the Islamic State, as stated by the Russian Defense Ministry on Facebook.

"Without meeting any resistance from ISIS, the SDF forces are moving along the left bank of the Euphrates River towards the city of Deir ez-Zor. Aerial images, which were taken from September 8 to 12, 2017 over the positions of ISIS, recorded a large number of American armored Hummer vehicles which are used by the United States Special Forces," stated the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The Russian Ministry of Defense believes that "despite the fact that the United States troops are located in the areas adjacent to ISIS positions, they do not have any signs of combat readiness."

The Russian Ministry of Defense has put on its Facebook page images allegedly showing the location of U.S. Special Forces. "The images clearly show that the units of the United States Special Forces are stationed in strongholds previously equipped by ISIS militias", writes the Russian Ministry of Defense.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, there are no signs of fighting around these positions or craters from the international coalition's air strikes. "It can only show that all U.S. military personnel feel safe in the areas held by the terrorists", the Russian military command sums up.

Hummer armored vehicles are used not only by the US Special Forces but also by other units of the United States Army such as Aviation and Marine Corps.

In 2015, it was reported that during the capture of Mosul, the Islamic State had seized more than two thousand Hummers from the Iraqi army.

Russia considers Deir ez-Zor to be the last stronghold of the Islamic State in Syria.

In September 2017, Assad’s army, with the support of the Russian forces, entered the city from the West. From the East, some areas of the city are occupied by SDF fighters assisted by an international coalition led by the United States. Both sides are trying to drive ISIS out of the city.

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