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  • American warplane conducts reconnaissance flight near annexed Crimea

    On Saturday, a U.S. Navy anti-submarine aircraft made a reconnaissance flight near the Crimean peninsula on the Black Sea, reports Interfax, citing aviation websites.

    According to their information, the U.S. Navy P-8A Poseidon aircraft, with tail number 168437 and call sign PS026, departed from the Naval Air Base Sigonella on the Italian island of Sicily and patrolled in the area to the southwest of Sevastopol for several hours.

    After taking off from Italy, the plane’s route took it over …

  • US Navy Missile Destroyer enters Black Sea

    The American missile destroyer USS James E. Williams (DDG95) entered the Black Sea on Sunday, as reported by Turkish media outlets, which published photographs of its passage through the Bosporus Strait.

    The US Navy’s Arleigh Burke class destroyer, equipped with 56 Tomahawk cruise missiles, is heading north along the western coast of the Black Sea.

    In August of this year, the destroyer James E. Williams was in the Baltic Sea. The American ship was in Riga.

    The James E. Williams sailed to the …

  • US Department of State approved the sale of Patriot missile systems to Poland

    The US State Department approved the sale of Patriot anti-missile systems to Poland as reported on Friday, November 17th by the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA). The total value of the transaction is estimated at 8.9 billion euros (10.5 billion dollars). The final decision must be made by the US Congress.

    The deal will include 208 missiles for the Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) system, 16 launchers, 4 radars, 4 control stations, spare parts, software, and equipment. In …

  • Kremlin: Russia will increase activity of its Air Force in Syria

    Deputy Chairman of the Defense and Security Committee of the Russian Federation Council, Frantz Klintsevich stated that the activity of the Russian Air Force in Syria would increase. According to Klintsevich this is not only because of the need to “finish off the terrorists” but also has to do with the possibility of a face-to-face meeting between the US President, Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    "It’s likely that the activity of the Russian Air force in Syria will only …

  • Finland to conduct joint military exercise with the US

    Finland plans to conduct joint military exercises with the US and other allies, as indicated by the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Finland, Jussi Niinisto.

    According to him, they plan to attract recruits, reservists, and soldiers to participate in the exercises. Niinisto said that Sweden, the United States, and "other countries" will also take part in the exercises. The Minister specified that the events would be similar to the Aurora 2017 exercises that were held in Sweden and …

  • Russia rejects US call to not block investigation into chemical attack in Syria

    Russia has rejected a call by the United States to not block an international investigation by the UN into the use of chemical weapons in Syria in the UN, reports Radio Liberty.

    According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, department head Sergei Lavrov “noted the inadmissibility of politicizing" the so-called joint investigation mechanism of the UN and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, whose current mandate expires on November 17, during a telephone conversation with US …

  • In a race to capture most important border crossing in Syria, American-backed forces begin their advance on Abu Kamal

    The next target of the United States-led coalition in Syria will be Abu Kamal (province of Deir ez-Zor).

    This is where the stronghold of the Islamic State is now located, stated the spokesperson for the operation Inherent Resolve, Colonel Ryan Dillon.

    "We have to consolidate the gains that the Syrian Democratic Forces have made down to the Omar oil fields [in Deir ez-Zor] and continue to back clear areas that are still ISIS held territory… and then prepare for an offensive in Abu Kamal, where …

  • Washington: US will selectively impose sanctions on countries and companies doing business with Russia

    The US State Department has announced that it will selectively apply sanctions against third countries and enterprises that cooperate with Russian companies from the sanctions list, reports RIA Novosti.

    A State Department spokesman, in response to a question about whether US allies such as India could buy weapons from Russian companies on the sanctions list, noted that the sanctions would be applied only "in the case of a significant transaction."

    "Obviously, we’re going to consider the …

  • Russia accuses U.S. of 'stealing its flags' from San Francisco Consulate

    Russian flags have disappeared from the building of the Russian consulate in San Francisco, which was seized by U.S. authorities. This was reported by the Russian embassy on its Twitter page.

    “This is another disgraceful event. In San Francisco, Russian flags were stolen from the consulate buildings. We demand that the U.S. authorities return our state symbols,” the message says.

    The Russian embassy’s statement said that in connection with the incident a strong objection has been sent to the …

  • US to strengthen sectoral sanctions against Russia

    The United States considers further strengthening of sanctions against the energy and banking sectors of the Russian economy, which were imposed for its aggression against Ukraine, as stated by the US Treasury, Radio Liberty reports.In a month, on November 28th, restrictions will be imposed on the terms for financing Russian companies under sanctions by the US legal entities or individuals, as well as from within the United States.

    For Russian companies in the energy sector, the time during …