Putin expresses sympathy for Russian agent Butina detained in the US

At a meeting of the Human Rights Council in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on the case of the Russian woman Maria Butina arrested in the USA. According to Putin, Russian special services do not know anything about her.

“But this girl Butina, how unfortunate, she is in prison, she faces 15 years. For what?” stated the Russian President.

He added that after he heard about Butina’s arrest, he asked Russian special services leaders about her. “Who is she? Nobody knows anything about her at all,” he stressed. According to Putin, the only thing known about Butina is that “she worked as a deputy for someone in the Federation Council.”

“She might receive a 15-year prison term. What’s that about? I don’t know what else they will come up with or what they will add to these 15 years,” added Putin.

Maria Butina was detained in the US in July. She was accused of working as a Russian agent without notifying US authorities and working for a Russian official who is under US sanctions. The Russian Foreign Ministry considers these charges fabricated. On December 11th, the television channel ABC, and then Butina’s father stated her readiness to cooperate with the investigation.

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