President Poroshenko warns of resurgence of pro-Russian forces in Ukraine

The Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko, during a working visit to the Lviv region on December 8, said that the resurgence of pro-Russian forces in Ukraine can turn Ukraine’s movement to the European Union and NATO in the opposite direction, reports the head of the state's press service.

“Away from Moscow, Europe now,” Poroshenko recalled the words of the Ukrainian poet, Khvylovy. “Away from Moscow!" is a visa-free regime, the association agreement with the EU, this is Tomos, a strong Ukrainian army, a rejection of Russian gas, return to Ukrainian-language culture, return to our own history, " noted the president.

"This is also my proposal made to the Verkhovna Rada to consolidate the course to the EU and NATO in the Constitution of Ukraine as an inevitable process. Only membership in the EU and NATO irrevocably and finally guarantees our independence from Russia. Unfortunately, this is clearly understood by our enemies. Therefore, they are planning a rematch on the presidential and parliamentary elections in order to block our movement to Europe. And if they are lucky enough, turn Ukraine backwards,” said Poroshenko.

He added that "even a short stop on the way to the EU and NATO would automatically mean our return to Russia’s influence."

“To prevent such a scenario is the sacred duty of all Ukrainian patriots. I will do everything possible, but I also count on your support. Because it’s not only the President’s business, it’s a common, all-Ukrainian cause and a common, all-Ukrainian responsibility”, stressed the president.

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