Poland wants to be a mediator in the US-EU conflict

The Polish government intends to take the position of an intermediary between the European Union and the United States in the conflict that erupted after the G7 summit over trade tariffs, said Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Moravetsky in an interview with Gazeta Polska.

"Everybody probably noticed that today, the paths taken by the EU and the United States began to diverge and now [the situation] depends on whether Poland [can mediate] the two sides or remain in the uncomfortable position of constant maneuvering between them," he said.

According to Moravetsky, Poland has a relationship with the United States and [can get] cooperation within the European Union. This would make Warsaw an ideal intermediary between the parties. "This is a great chance for Poland, and we are working for the sake of this scenario," the prime minister stressed.

On June 10, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said at a press conference after the G7 summit that Canada will not allow the United States to push them around. He announced an increase in import duties for American farmers, companies and workers.

In response, President Donald Trump ordered the US representatives at the G7 summit in Canada not to sign the final document.

US President Trade Advisor Peter Navarro said that "there is a special place in hell" for the Prime Minister of Canada. Economic adviser Lawrence Kudlow stated that Trudeau’s actions amounted to "betrayal" and a "stab in the back."

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