USA to increase the scale of military exercises in Europe to deter 'Russia’s aggression'

The USA will increase the scale and complexity of military exercises in Europe to counter "aggression coming from Russia," as was stated by the Deputy Commander, United States European Command, United States Air Force Lieutenant General Timothy Ray, Reuters reports, in commenting on the movement of a batch of armed vehicles to Germany with the intent of increasing NATO armed forces in Eastern Europe.

"Let me be clear here: it’s a part of our efforts to deter aggression coming from Russia, to ensure the territorial integrity of our allies, and support freedom, prosperity, and peace in Europe," Ray explained.

He also added that nearly 70,000 U.S. servicemen in Europe will quickly adapt to the change in the strategic environment with an eye on "military operations in Russia and Ukraine," migratory flows from Syria, and the growth of Islamic radicalism.

On 7 January, it became known that the U.S.A. delivered group of armed vehicles to Germany, intended to increase NATO armed forces in Eastern Europe.  87 tanks, 144 infantry vehicles, 18 self-propelled artillery units and 419 Humvees have arrived in Bremerhaven.

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