US reconnaissance aircraft approached Russian warships in the Mediterranean

The data of the web portals that track flights of military aircraft show that two U.S. Air Force reconnaissance planes flew to the Black Sea coast of Russia and the waters of the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea on October 1st, where the ships of the permanent operational squadron of the Russian Navy are allegedly stationed.

According to their information, an RC-135W strategic reconnaissance aircraft of the U.S. Air Force with tail number 62-4138 and call sign NAOMI48 that took off from Souda Bay airbase on the Island of Crete was approaching the southwest coast of the Crimea.

The second plane, a P-8A Poseidon patrol anti-submarine aircraft of the U.S. Navy with tail number 168857 that took off from Sigonella airbase, which is located in Sicily, is conducting a reconnaissance mission in the eastern part of the Mediterranean.

On Saturday, the U.S. Navy aircraft approached the logistic support station of the Russian Navy that is located in the Syrian port of Tartus. After spending 30 minutes near the Syrian coast it deviated to the south of Lebanon.

Over the past few weeks, the intensity of U.S. reconnaissance flights near Russian borders has sharply increased; up to three or more such flights are recorded almost on a daily basis. On Friday, two U.S. reconnaissance aircraft flew near the Crimea and another flew near the Russian Navy’s permanent operational outpost in the Mediterranean Sea.


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