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  • US reconnaissance aircraft spends three hours circling Crimean coast 

    A US Air Force RC-135V strategic reconnaissance plane made a long flight along the Crimean coast and south of the Kerch Strait on Thursday, Interfax-Ukraine reports, citing aircraft monitoring data. 

    After taking off at the Souda Bay airbase on the Greek island of Crete, the plane with a tail number of 64-14841 and call sign of HARK51 spent three hours flying along the coast of Crimea and to the south and south-west of the peninsula. During the flight, it made at least four approaches to the …

  • Russia confirms interception of US reconnaissance plane over Black Sea

    The Russian Ministry of Defense has confirmed that a Su-27 fighter was scrambled to intercept a US reconnaissance plane that was flying over the neutral waters of the Black Sea.

    “In order to intercept the target, a Su-27 fighter from the on-duty anti-air defense forces was scrambled, it approached the aircraft at a safe distance and identified it as an EP-3E Aries II radio-electronic reconnaissance craft of the US Navy,” states the report, as cited by RIA Novosti.

    CNN reported earlier that a …

  • U.S. aircraft conducts reconnaissance near Crimea

    A U.S. Navy P-8A Poseidon anti-submarine patrol aircraft carried out a several-hour reconnaissance flight off the coast of the annexed Crimea, as well as near the Krasnodar Territory of the Russian Federation, reported Interfax, citing Western aviation resources.

    “The naval intelligence aircraft, with the tail number 168432 and the call sign PS156, departed from the Sigonella airbase in Sicily, made an approach to the coast of the Krasnodar Territory, and then flew in the area of Novorossiysk …

  • US fighters arrive in Estonia for military exercises

    Twelve F-16 fighters from the Ohio National Guard arrived in Estonia on Sunday in order to take part in international drills, the General Staff of the Estonian Defense Forces reported.

    The F-16s from the Ohio National Guard squadron flew to the Ämari Air Base outside of Tallinn from the US airbase in Toledo.

    “One of the goals of the upcoming drills is to hone skills in large-scale air operations. Experienced spotters from Belgium will also come to help with these drills,” said acting …

  • American bombers to take part in military exercises in Lithuania

    The Air Forces of the United States and Lithuania plan to hold a joint exercise in Lithuanian airspace in which American bomber jets will conduct training, as reported by Delfi, citing a statement released by the U.S. Embassy in Lithuania.

    The aircraft participating in the exercise will include jets from the Fifth Bomb Wing of the United States Air Force stationed in North Dakota.

    The U.S. authorities did not specify the number of aircraft that will participate in the training or the types of …

  • US reconnaissance aircraft approached Russian warships in the Mediterranean

    The data of the web portals that track flights of military aircraft show that two U.S. Air Force reconnaissance planes flew to the Black Sea coast of Russia and the waters of the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea on October 1st, where the ships of the permanent operational squadron of the Russian Navy are allegedly stationed.

    According to their information, an RC-135W strategic reconnaissance aircraft of the U.S. Air Force with tail number 62-4138 and call sign NAOMI48 that took off from …