Poland to send a note to Russia requesting explanation for its refusal to provide debris of Tu-154

The Polish Foreign Ministry asked the Russian Federation which investigative actions over the past year have led to Russia’s refusal to return the debris of flight Tu-154 that crashed in 2010 near Smolensk, as was stated by Polish Foreign Minister, Witold Waszczykowski, on the air of the radio RMF FM, according to the statement by the Polish Foreign Ministry.  

According to him, over the last year, the Polish Government has tried to get the debris from the aircraft from Russia by "normal and diplomatic methods."

"Since diplomatic options have been exhausted, we believe that the next step is sending a letter to the Russian government asking which investigative actions have been conducted over the last year and what prevented them from returning the debris," Waszczykowski said.

According to the Minister, if Poland doesn’t receive a positive answer they "will file a complaint to the International Court charging Russia with theft of Polish property."

"After that, we will build an international coalition to create international pressure with the participation of our allies who will bring this issue onto their agendas during negotiations with Russia,” Waszczykowski said.

  Poland, Russia, Smolensk air crash