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  • Smolensk air disaster investigator: it is likely that explosives were planted on President Kaczynski’s plane in Russia

    Polish statesman Antoni Macierewicz, the chairperson of a special commission that was formed to investigate the deadly crash of the Tu-154M plane near Smolensk, Russia, in 2010 and took lives of Polish President Lech Kaczynski and members of the Polish governmental delegation, has stated that the explosives could not have been placed on the plane in Warsaw.

     “We do not suspect that the explosive was planted during that time at the airport. There is no such suspicion. We’ve run forensic tests …

  • Poland reasserts its demand for the return of the Presidential Tu-154M plane wreckage from Russia

    Poland says that Russia has no more reasons to hold on to the wreckage of the Presidential Tu-154M plane that crashed near Smolensk in 2010. According to the Polish press service department, this was stated by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Jacek Czaputowicz during a meeting with Russian Ambassador Sergey Andreyev.

    “The head of Polish diplomacy emphasized that Russia has no basis for further retention of the governmental plane wreckage and [the Ambassador] expects it to be returned.” …

  • Poland: President Kaczynski’s Tu-154 destroyed by explosion

    The commission of the Polish Ministry of Defense, in re-investigating the causes of the crash of the president’s Tu-154, recognized the conclusions of the technical report, which states that the plane was destroyed by an explosion. This conclusion was made at the plenary session of the commission on January 10.

    “The left wing of the Tu-154 was destroyed by an internal explosion,” the commission said. In addition, it was stated that on board there were “several sources of the explosion: in the …

  • Putin: if there was an explosion onboard Polish plane over Smolensk, explosives were placed in Poland

    Russian President Vladimir Putin described Poland’s statements as "nonsense," referring to the alleged Russian involvement in the crash of Polish President Lech Kaczynski’s plane near Smolensk in 2010. Putin said this at the annual press conference in Moscow.

    "Look, we are tired of this bluff. Just simply tired of it. It is nonsense. You are talking blatant nonsense. There were no explosions. Both Polish and Russian experts have examined this... We grieved [at this tragedy] together with you. …

  • Poland: Russia concealing key witnesses in Smolensk air disaster

    Russia is concealing key witnesses, and is not giving Poland the wreckage of the Polish government’s Tu-154M, thereby preventing progress in establishing the truth about the circumstances of the Smolensk aviation catastrophe, and causing Warsaw to wonder about Russia’s real intentions.

    A statement to this effect was made by Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Bartosz Cichocki when commenting on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s statement that there was no explosion on board President Lech Kaczyń …

  • Polish Minister of Defense: Smolensk air disaster was not a coincidence

    Answering a question as to whether he believes that the April 10, 2010 crash of an aircraft near Smolensk (Russia) with Polish top government figures on board was a cold-blooded assassination, the Minister of National Defense of Poland, Antoni Macierewicz, said “the materials and investigation results bring us to a conclusion that this was not an accident,” and promised to release a final report in spring 2018.

    Macierewicz also said he expected a flood of disinformation and false data prior to …

  • Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Poland will not stop trying to reclaim the fragments of Lech Kaczynski’s plane

    After Poland becomes a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, the return of Tu-154M wreckage will be brought to a higher diplomatic level, said Polish Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan Dziedziczak, Radio Poland reports.

    According to him, the ministry does not intend to stop trying to get back the wreckage of the Polish Tu-154M Presidential Plane that crashed near Smolensk in 2010. He stressed that this issue was raised more than a dozen times during the talks at the ministerial …

  • Media: Russia requested to remove important data from the report on the Kaczynski’s plane crash

    Data regarding a sharp heat increase on board Lech Kaczynski’s plane was withdrawn from the Polish commission report at the request of the Russian Federation, as reported by Gazeta Polska.

    According to Gazeta Polska, this record may indicate an explosion on board the government TU-154 before the plane hit the ground.

    "A sudden jump in temperature is difficult to explain rationally by any other reason than an explosion, especially when it started a series of breakdowns recorded on the on-board …

  • Poland says it has discovered a recording of an explosion aboard crashed Kaczynski’s plane

    On Saturday, during a meeting with the representatives of Polish media, Polish Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz said that the commission to investigate the Tu-154 crash that killed the country's President, Lech Kaczynski, found a recording of the explosion on one of the recorders.

    During the meeting, the Defense Minister was asked about the progress of the investigation of the plane crash near Smolensk on April 10, 2010.

    "We’ve identified the moment of explosion in a flight recording. It …

  • Poland finds new evidence of Polish officials' guilt in crash of Kaczynski's Tu-154

    In recent weeks, new evidence has been revealed regarding omissions by Polish officials during preparations for President Lech Kaczynski's Smolensk visit. The evidence has been added to the investigation of what is being called ‘diplomatic treason’ that occurred during the preparation for the visit.

    The head of the Polish National Prosecutor’s Office, Polish Deputy Attorney General National Prosecutor of Bogdan Święczkowski, stated this, reports Ukrinform.

    "The last weeks and months have …