Poland says NATO should not abide by its agreements with Russia

NATO should not adhere to the agreement between Russia and NATO, believes the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Witold Waszczykowski.

"This document is a political commitment; it is not legally binding,” said the head of the Polish Foreign Ministry in Tallinn at the Lennart Meri Conference. “I do not think that we should implement this treaty."

He reminded that the treaty was signed in 1997, but the situation with Russia has changed since then. The promises were made by the NATO of that time, and not the organization after its expansion, stressed Waszczykowski.

The Polish Foreign Minister added that in 1997 the situation was different and Russia was different, too – it was Boris Yeltsin's Russia, which at that time was not as aggressive.

Since then, Russia has waged several wars and has violated nearly every foreign policy agreement, added Waszczykowski.

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