Lukashenko: It is impossible to balance the situation in Ukraine without the US

It's impossible to balance the situation in Ukraine without the US, as expressed the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, at a meeting yesterday with the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Michael Carpenter, BelTA reported.

Alexander Lukashenko noted that the issues that are arising in Eastern Europe, "if not today, then tomorrow, could seriously affect the situation in Europe in general... To balance the situation here, I mean Ukraine and other trends, is impossible without the United States," the President of Belarus said. He stressed that this with firm conviction, and reminded that he has stated this publically several times even before the summit of the Normandy Four in Minsk.

Alexander Lukashenko suggested then to involve the United States in the settlement of the crisis in Ukraine. Time has shown that the Belarusian leader was right. "If the United States would decide tomorrow to stop the war in the east of Ukraine and would take steps in this direction, the bloodshed there would be over," the President of Belarus said.

The Belarusians are not happy about the activation of the Alliance, the so-called NATO expansion to the East. "We cannot not to respond to it, because it's happening right next to our borders," the Belarusian leader said. He added that in any case he doesn't want to demonize and exaggerate this process. Alexander Lukashenko is not inclined to think that NATO is going to start a war with Russia or Belarus. "In the current environment it would be hard to believe, no one needs it," he said.

Moreover, the Belarusian head of State believes that neither America nor Europe needs another conflict in the Eastern European region. "I believe this and US politicians state that America absolutely wants Belarus to be peaceful and independent," Alexander Lukashenko said. The President believes that the United States is interested in peace and tranquility in Europe.

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