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  • Russian Ambassador to Minsk admonished for disrespecting government of Belarus

    The Belarusian Foreign Ministry has reprimanded Russian Ambassador to Minsk Mikhail Babich and advised him to show more respect for the host country and its sovereignty.

    “During his short time of working in Belarus he has simply failed to understand the differences between a federal district and an independent state,” said the Belarusian Foreign Ministry, commenting on Babich’s interview for RIA Novosti, in which he said that Minsk’s financial support from the Kremlin will only continue if …

  • President of Belarus warns Ukraine against deploying NATO missiles in its territory

    President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, at the press conference in Minsk, advised Ukraine not to think about deploying medium and short-range missiles on its territory after the collapse of the  Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) between the United States and Russia.

    “Now they began to disseminate the idea of medium and short-range missiles in Ukraine. Let alone that the Poles are begging:let us have them [the missiles]. It is obvious that Romania and Poland have installations …

  • Belarus asks Russia for loan to repay $600 million debt

    Minsk has asked Moscow for a loan to refinance the debt of $600 million, said Maxim Yermolovich, Minister of Finance of Belarus, BelTA reported.

    “We have been discussing the possibility of refinancing the entire amount of the payments on Russian government loans in 2019. The amount of these payments is $600 million,” he said.

    According to the minister, the implementation of these plans depends on the decision of the Russian government to approve the loan. Yermolovich added that the funds for …

  • Kyiv: Belarussian coal exported to Ukraine was not from Donbas mines

    Minister of Energy and the Coal Industry of Ukraine Ihor Nasalyk told journalists on Tuesday that he is convinced that the anthracite coal that Ukraine imported from Belarus in 2018 was not extracted from the mines located in the territories Donetsk and Luhansk regions which are not under Kyiv’s control. 

    On February 21, Belstat news agency reported that the export of hard coal from Belarus to Ukraine grew by 980 times in 2018 while anthracite grew 340 times. Belarus does not have its own …

  • European Union extends weapons embargo against Belarus

    The EU has extended its arms embargo against Belarus and sanctions against four people for a year, as reported on the EU Council’s website.

    “The Council decided to prolong the restrictive measures against Belarus for one year, until 28 February 2020. These measures include an embargo on arms and on equipment that could be used for internal repression as well as an asset freeze and travel ban against four people designated in connection with the unresolved disappearances of two opposition …

  • President of Belarus threatens joint response with Russia if the USA deploys missiles in Europe

    Belarus may employ reciprocal measures together with Russia if the USA deploys missiles in Europe in violation of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty or INF, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko stated, BelTA reports. 

    “I am afraid that the Americans will grab the fleeting opportunity to deploy the missiles in Europe after breaking the treaty. If they do, things will turn nasty for us. And together with Russia we will have to think about reciprocal measures. It is unavoidable if …

  • Media: Ukraine started purchasing Russian coal through Belarus

    Russian coal companies had to resort to indirect supplies of coal to Ukraine through Belarus because of trade restrictions imposed by Russia, RBC news agency reports, citing sources in the coal companies. 

    “We cannot supply them directly. Quotas prevent us from doing so,” one of the interlocutors stated. 

    According to one of RBC’s sources, Russian companies used to export coal to Ukraine under the guise of export to Europe. Raw materials were delivered to Ukrainian ports ostensibly for export, …

  • Lukashenko: I will never surrender Belarus to Poland or Russia

    During a meeting with members of the Military Academy, President Alexander Lukashenko called the sovereignty and independence of Belarus his main achievement, BELTA reported.

     “I am both proud and happy to be the first president of this sovereign country. And what we have created together is the biggest achievement,” said the president of Belarus.

    Commenting on the rumors about the threats to the sovereignty of Belarus coming from Russia, the president said that he could not “bury” an …

  • Former NATO Secretary-General: Belarus faces annexation by Russia

    The former NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, in an interview with, stated that Belarus faces the threat of annexation by Russia.

    “The key risk is a repeat of what happened in Ukraine after the war and the annexation. Belarus can expect the same scenario if it does not begin reforms,” he said.

    Rasmussen called on Belarus to begin reforms which would lead to democracy and freedom before it's too late.

    “We heard Vladimir Putin’s statement where he said that Belarus must be …

  • President of Belarus Lukashenko will not attend the Munich Conference because of meeting with Putin

    President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko refused to participate in the Munich Conference because he will be having talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, reported the press service of the Foreign Ministry of Belarus.

    Lukashenko was to take part in a panel discussion with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, the President of Azerbaijan, the Prime Minister of Georgia and the OSCE Secretary General.

    “However, literally at the very last moment certain temporary issues arose. The need to …