Moldova begins construction of pipeline connecting it to European gas supply system

Moldovan Prime Minister Pavel Filip and Romanian Deputy Prime Minister for the Implementation of Strategic Partnerships Ana Birchall took part in the ceremony marking the beginning of the construction of the second-stage of the Jasz-Ungheni-Chisinau gas pipeline. 

The first line of the gas pipeline was put into operation in 2014, making it possible to deliver almost a million cubic meters of gas from Romania to Ungheni and several nearby settlements. The second part of the 120-km-long pipeline will connect Ungheni and the Moldovan capital, thereby connecting the republic with the European gas supply system. 

Current main supplier of natural gas to the region is Russian conglomerate Gazprom. Moldova has long been negotiating the price reduction and restructuring of historical debt. The gas supply to the breakaway territory of Transnistria  is included in the contract with Gazprom but Transnistria has not been paying for its share of gas.

“Many years after the time when the gas price was used as intimidation by those who supplied it to Moldova, we are approaching the day when this won’t happen anymore,” said Filip. According to the head of the Moldavian Cabinet of Ministers, such projects bring Moldova closer to Romania. 

“As we connect to the Romanian gas system, our country also connects to the European gas system. Romania connects Moldova with Europe,” he said. 

Birchall, in turn, assured partners that Bucharest would continue to support the Republic of Moldova on its European path. 

“Through such strategic projects, we aim for irreversible relations between the Moldova Republic and European countries, and we want to contribute to a better standard of living for every citizen of the country,” Birchall concluded.

  Moldova, Chisinau, Europe, Romania