Media: the US transferred military equipment to Syria

On Tuesday, February 5th, Turkish news agency Anadolu reported that the United States transferred about 150 trucks with armored vehicles and generators to the Kurdish-controlled territory of Syria.

At night trucks loaded with armored personnel carriers, working equipment and generators crossed the Simelka checkpoint on the Iraqi-Syrian border, Anadolu says.

On Tuesday, the trucks reached the US logistical centers in the Syrian districts of Harap Ishk and Sarrin, which Americans share with the Kurds.

The published video shows trucks loaded with generators, which supposedly will be used to power US military bases in Syria or in the construction of new bases in the region.

In addition, the US sent Humwee multi-purpose armored trucks to the region, which the Pentagon had provided to the Syrian democratic forces, which primarily consists of Kurds.

It is alleged that after the publication of video of the trucks being transferred to Syrian territory, the USA began to use covered trucks for transport and using nighttime. However, the delivery the night before was transported without camouflage.

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