Media: launch of the car safety system of the Crimean Bridge postponed

The completion of the contracted work to ensure the safety of the transport on the Crimean Bridge, which connects mainland Russia with the annexed peninsula, is postponed again, the Kommersant newspaper reports citing sources familiar with the situation.

Thus, Russia postponed till the beginning of December the completion of work to ensure the auto-transport safety on the Crimean Bridge from the Kerch side. The works include the construction of a stationary truck inspection and examination system. The completion of the project worth 228 billion rubles ($3.38 billion USD) has already been postponed from April 30 to September 30.

Now, to start operating trucks on the bridge from October 1, the Russian authorities will have to spend at least 50 million rubles for the deployment of mobile inspection systems. According to experts this severely restricts cargo flow.

The automobile of the Crimean bridge, which connects the annexed Crimean peninsula to the Taman peninsula in Russia, was opened on May 15, 2018.

  Crimea, Kerch Strait Bridge, Russia