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  • Ukraine voices protest over navigation restriction in Kerch Strait by Russia

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (MFA) has issued a protest against the restriction placed by the Russian Federation on navigation through the Kerch Strait during August and September and underlines the “illegality” of the construction of the Kerch Bridge, as stated in a statement published on the website of the Ministry.

    “The MFA of Ukraine expresses protest over the Russians prohibiting navigation through the Kerch Strait during August and September 2017 due to bridge construction …

  • Expert: The Kerch Strait Bridge under construction by Russia can collapse any time

    The construction of the Kerch Strait Bridge between the Russian Taman peninsula and the annexed Crimea causes serious concerns, as stated by ecologist, Olexandr Sokolenko.

    The expert said that even in Soviet times no one built a bridge there because of the peculiar landscape of the sea bottom, which can cause the bridge to collapse.

    "No wonder that in the days of the war the fascists were unable to build it. Nobody took up this project in Soviet times, because there is a very complex geology …

  • Media: Dachas being demolished in Crimea to build road access for Kerch Bridge

    In Kerch, in the territory of the garden non-profit partnership "Zaliv", the demolition of dacha sections owned by members of the cooperative has begun, reported the local newspaper Kerch.FM, citing members of the cooperative.

    Summer residents report that the heavy equipment that is razing their lots to the ground has already been working for a week. These lots are located on territory along which will run future automotive access ways to the Kerch Bridge, which is currently under construction. …

  • Ukraine will sue Russia over Kerch Strait bridge to Crimea

    Russia’s introduction of shipping restrictions through the Kerch Strait in connection with the construction of a bridge will lead to losses for Ukrainian ports and will be challenged in court, stated Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Yuriy Lavrenyuk, as reported by Interfax-Ukraine.

    “The Ministry of Justice, within the framework of the existing lawsuits against Russia, has singled out the problem of the blocking of the Kerch Strait and imposition of restrictions on navigation. Now …

  • Ukrainian scientist: Dolphins in the Black Sea are dying because of the construction of the Kerch Strait bridge and military exercises

    Dolphins in the Black Sea near the coast of the Crimea could be dying because of the construction of the Kerch Strait bridge and Russian military exercises on the peninsula, as suggested by a Ukrainian zoologist and dolphin expert, Pavlo Goldin, on July 11th on Radio Krym.Realii.

    "Factors such as the acoustic pollution of the sea are playing a role, due to active warship activity. The installation of piles for the bridge also increases the acoustic pollution of the sea. In order to prove this, …

  • Crimean authorities invite foreign journalists to visit the construction of the Kerch Strait Bridge

    At the media forum "Open Crimea: With My Own Eyes”, the Kremlin-controlled Minister of Internal Politics, Information and Communications of the Crimea, Dmitry Polonsky, urged foreign journalists to see for themselves that the construction of the Kerch Strait Bridge is "not fake", Crimean News Agency reports.

    "You know that one of the most common false stories lately is that there is no Crimean bridge, and all that is in the media space is Photoshop and pictures. Those colleagues who agree to …

  • Crimean Political Scientist: Construction of the Kerch Bridge will not change anything

    According to associated professor at Tavrida National University and Crimean political scientist Yevhen Goryunov, the construction of the Kerch Bridge will not change the economic situation of the annexed Crimean peninsula, as stated by him during the telethon “Crimea. Three years of resistance.”

    According to him, if the Kerch Bridge is finished, it will not bring any benefits to the peninsula due to the economic situation in neighboring Russia.

    “If it [the Kerch Bridge] will be completed, I …

  • Moscow students to be sent to help construct Kerch bridge

     Students from Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) will undertake the construction of the Kerch bridge, the press service of Rosavtodor reports.

    The head of the road agency, Roman Starovoyt, launched the initiative to send students for summer work. According to him, the experience of working on the construction of the Kerch bridge will be useful for future specialists in this area.

    “The unique practical skills gained from the specialists in this area by working on the construction of the …

  • Russia’s National Guard and Federal Security Service will guard the Kerch Strait

    The servicemen of the National Guard and the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation will ensure the security of the waters of the Kerch Strait, Rossiyskaya Gazeta wrote. “If the troops of the Russian National Guard previously served at Lake Baikal or the Yenisei, Volga and Amur rivers and some other marine areas then the Kerch Strait is a new area of responsibility for them,” the Deputy Chief of the National Guard, Major-General Oleg Borukaev stated.

    The significance of the Kerch …

  • Construction of rail track to Kerch Strait Bridge to begin this year

    The construction company, Stroygazmontazh, which is owned by Russian billionaire Arkady Rotenberg, has agreed to build railway accessibility to the Crimean bridge from the peninsula. The construction is supposed to begin this year, as reported by the Minister of Transportation of Russia, Maksim Sokolov.   

    “Yes, they (Stroygazmontazh) expressed their intent to complete this project. We have sent the necessary documents to the Government.  They will start construction this year,” RIA Krym …