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  • Russia preparing to install the second arch of the Kerch Bridge

    In the Kerch Strait, shipping will be restricted during the installation of the second arch for the bridge to the Crimea. Shipping in the bridge construction area will be limited from October 11th to 14th, according to the press service of the Crimean Bridge project.

    It was noted that on Wednesday, October 11th, a maritime operation would begin to transport and install the second road arch of the Kerch Bridge.

    "Restrictions are connected with the transportation and lifting of the road arch to …

  • Ukrainian activists publish personal data of workers involved in construction of the Kerch Bridge

    Volunteers with the Ukrainian Myrotvorets project have published on Facebook the personal data of 299 people who are participating in the construction of the bridge through the Kerch Strait to the Crimea.

    The published information contains the names and surnames, dates of birth, their home addresses, and other identifying information. All of the people are employees of OOO MT-Group.

    Myrotvorets noted that the information on the builders of the Kerch Bridge will be placed in "Purgatory" on the …

  • Media: Despite sanctions equipment from Finland is used at the construction of the Kerch Bridge

    Equipment from Finland was discovered at the Kerch Bridge bridges is being built by Russia from the mainland to the annexed Crimea, PSB News website reports.  The site shows a video of a hydrohammer produced by a Finnish company that is used at the construction of the bridge.

    The Finnish equipment is being utilized by the Russian firm Mostootryad-125, a branch of Mostotrest, which is the largest heavy construction company in Russia. It is noted that the above mentioned equipment, a Junttan …

  • Media: Dutch authorities investigating possible involvement of Dutch companies in construction of Kerch Bridge

    Dutch authorities will verify the legality of the participation of two Dutch companies in the construction of the bridge across the Kerch Strait, as stated by the Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of the Netherlands, Lilianne Ploumen, reported Dutch state broadcasting organization NOS.

    According to Lilianne Ploumen, even if there were no violations of the law, the Dutch government "expects that companies will conduct international business that is socially responsible." She …

  • Media: Cost of the Kerch Bridge is three times higher than the price of the longest bridge in the world

    The cost of the Kerch Bridge, which is about 19 kilometers long, is almost three times higher than the cost of the Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge, a bridge 164.8 kilometers long between Shanghai and Beijing, reports website

    Chinese engineers erected the Danyang-Kunshan Viaduct Chinese in two years. About nine kilometers of the bridge is built above the surface of the water. In addition to the highway, a high-speed railway line has also been laid there. The entire project cost …

  • Ukraine: Construction of Kerch bridge by Russia violates international law

    Russia is violating international maritime law by constructing the Kerch bridge in occupied Crimea, which will cause a reduction in trade between Ukraine and other countries.

    Such an opinion was expressed by the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies (CACDS), Interfax-Ukraine reported.

    As noted in the CACDS statement, contrary to the reassurance given by Russia’s political leadership, the construction of this facility will restrict the freedom of navigation in the Black Sea and …

  • Kyiv: Construction of Kerch Strait Bridge threatens national security of Ukraine

    The construction of a bridge between Russia and the annexed Crimea poses a threat to Ukraine’s national security, as it may lead to a reduction in trade in Ukrainian ports in the Sea of Azov due to restrictions on navigation in the region, as announced in statement released by the public research organization Center for Army, Conversion, and Disarmament Studies (CACDS).

    “More recently, statements were made by the political leadership of the Russian Federation, as well as representatives of …

  • Russia begins installation of railway arch on Kerch Bridge

    The builders of the Kerch Bridge that will connect Russia with the Crimea have begun the first stage of the project to transport and install a railway arch weighing more than six thousand tons in the Kerch Strait, as reported by RIA Novosti.

    It was noted that the day before, the builders had prepared the arch and loaded it on floating platforms.

    "Early in the morning the process of transporting the arch to the bridge began. The arch will be transported five kilometers from the shore and more …

  • Ukraine voices protest over navigation restriction in Kerch Strait by Russia

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (MFA) has issued a protest against the restriction placed by the Russian Federation on navigation through the Kerch Strait during August and September and underlines the “illegality” of the construction of the Kerch Bridge, as stated in a statement published on the website of the Ministry.

    “The MFA of Ukraine expresses protest over the Russians prohibiting navigation through the Kerch Strait during August and September 2017 due to bridge construction …

  • Expert: The Kerch Strait Bridge under construction by Russia can collapse any time

    The construction of the Kerch Strait Bridge between the Russian Taman peninsula and the annexed Crimea causes serious concerns, as stated by ecologist, Olexandr Sokolenko.

    The expert said that even in Soviet times no one built a bridge there because of the peculiar landscape of the sea bottom, which can cause the bridge to collapse.

    "No wonder that in the days of the war the fascists were unable to build it. Nobody took up this project in Soviet times, because there is a very complex geology …