Media: Dutch citizen who fought for Ukraine in Donbas killed in Syria

Dutch national Sjoerd Heeger, who was fighting for the Kurdish groups in Syria’s Deir al-Zor province, was reportedly killed in Syria on February 15 in an attack by an Islamic State “shahid-mobile”.

However, there has been no attack by ISIS suicide bombers during this period. The last documented attacks of this nature took place on February 11 in the vicinity of the Bakhra settlement, where the Dutchman was reportedly also killed. The attack was made by two ISIS suicide bombers – Abu Yahya al-Shami and Abu Khamza al-Turki. Heeger must have been wounded in one of these attacks, and later died from his wounds on February 15.

Before traveling to Syria, Heeger served in the Donbas in one of the Ukrainian volunteer battalions.

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