Media: Berlin fears US sanctions against Nord Stream-2

German authorities fear the impact of U.S. sanctions against Nord Stream-2, if imposed, on the country's civil services and German companies, writes Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung with reference to the document of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

According to the document, new U.S. sanctions can be imposed on "all companies" that provide insurance services, upgrade the pipeline network or, for example, upgrade the pipe-laying vessels. "The same applies to those companies which provide services such as monitoring, inspections and the issuance of certifications necessary for the operation of Nord Stream-2," the statement reads.

It is also noted that the new restrictions threaten "administrative and technical functioning of public services in connection with the completion or operation of the pipeline."

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier spoke about possible new U.S. sanctions against the pipeline.

"As for the U.S. and the subject of Nord Stream-2, I think there is little point in speculating about possible measures. The German government has long held the view that sanctions with extraterritorial influence are at odds with international law and that they do not contribute to the progress of international cooperation," he said.

On June 4 in the U.S. Senate received for review a bill to expand sanctions against North Stream-2. The sanctions are expected to affect companies that provide insurance to Russian vessels involved in construction of the pipeline or provide port services for them.

The construction of the 10 billion euro Nord Stream 2 pipeline was halted at the end of last December, with only 100 km of pipe remaining to be laid at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

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