Lukashenko: Russia may deploy warplanes to Belarus

Self-proclaimed president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has not ruled out the possibility of deployment of Russian warplanes to Belarus, reports Lukashenko’s press service.

Lukashenko recalled that in 2014, during the Ice Hockey World Championships, Russian planes were in the country and were on duty together with the Belarusian Air Force. According to Lukashenko, the countries could continue to use this experience.

"Give us these planes. Both Russians and Belarusians should fly these planes together. And we have enough bases, they do not need to be created. Why waste money . It is better to buy or build new planes for this," Lukashenko said at a government meeting.

According to Lukashenko, Russian President Vladimir Putin's Russian did not reject this idea.

"Of course, if they can be based on our bases and our guys will fly together with the Russians, of course, we should then ask for weapons for these aircraft. And, at the same time, these should be the most modern weapons," Lukashenko said. At the same time, he specified that Putin and him not talk about nuclear warheads. "We are talking about conventional weapons. This was was probably the most extensive part in our negotiations (February 22 in Sochi)," he added.

Lukashenko complained that NATO planes became "brazen." "Literally a couple of weeks ago, NATO planes were flying directly to our border. What did we have to do? We scrambled our Su-30s, new planes, and flew to meet them. It shows that we will be constantly yanked, and we have to answer," Lukashenko said.

Lukashenko and Putin met on February 22 in Sochi. They discussed bilateral relations within the Union State, cooperation in the fight against coronavirus. Before the talks, Lukashenko and Putin dined, skied and snowmobiled. Lukashenko gave Putin cheeses and ham produced in Belarus.

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