Kremlin: Russia awaits explanation from NASA regarding the decision to cancel Rogozin’s visit to the US

Russian state corporation Roscosmos continues to prepare its “negotiating position” regarding cooperation with NASA. In a statement on their website, the company stated that they are awaiting an official explanation from the US National Aeronautics Administration and Space exploration company regarding the planned visit of Roscosmos head Dmitry Rogozin.

Earlier, on December 5th, the USA Today newspaper, reported, citing a statement by NASA spokesman Megan Powers that the US canceled and postponed indefinitely Rogozin’s visit to the United States scheduled for February. Powers indicates that the American side has already notified the Russian company of this. NASA has not specified the reasons for this decision.

Later, RIA Novosti reported, citing a source in the rocker and space industry, that the visit of the Roscosmos head might be completely canceled. The Roscosmos official representative in a conversation with TASS stated that at the same time, there had not been any official message from NASA regarding the cancellation of Rogozin’s visit.

“Roscosmos is waiting for an official explanation of NASA’s position on organizing a return visit of the Russian delegation to the United States in accordance with the invitation previously received,” reads the message on the website of the Russian company. “Preparation of a negotiating position between the both sides on the program of the International Space Station and outer space exploration has not yet been suspended,” added the Roscosmos press service.

Dmitry Rogozin has been under the US sanctions since 2014. His visit to the USA for the discussion of work issues with NASA representatives has been discussed since last fall. In October 2018, it was reported that the waiver for his visit to the US was issued. In the same month, NASA CEO Jim Bridenstine sent the head of Roscosmos an invitation to visit the United States. Rogozin’s visit to the States was scheduled for February.

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