Kremlin accuses Washington of aggression in space

The American strategy in space demonstrates Washington’s aggression, stated the Russian Foreign Ministry following the publication of the Defense Space Strategy of the United States.

"The document confirms the aggressive direction of Washington's course in the space sphere. The ultimate goal is to ensure "American military superiority in space," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

The Ministry stressed that the United States considers space as an arena for combat operations, not only defensive, but also for "defeating the enemy in the hostile use of outer space."

The Foreign Ministry noted that U.S. partners and allies in the space field are given a supporting role in the implementation of Washington's military space plans. They justify their space strategy through accusations from other countries. "American colleagues claim the Russian and Chinese are "the biggest strategic threats" in space, of course, without bothering to present any evidence," the Foreign Ministry explained.

Moscow said it was closely monitoring the "aggressive aspirations" of the United States and analyzing its possible consequences. In addition, the Ministry noted that Russia gives priority exclusively to peaceful space exploration.

The day before, the U.S. Defense Department presented a defense strategy in space in response to the "threat" from Russia and China. The Pentagon said it believes that Moscow and Beijing want to place weapons in space or deploy other weapons directed against the United States.

Mark Esper, the United States Secretary of Defense, said U.S. adversaries had turned outer space "into a battlefield," forcing Washington to make changes to its strategy.

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